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White Chihuahua

It is rare to come across a solid white Chihuahua. Often these dogs have at least a few other color markings on their body.

These markings can be gold, cream, or fawn. It is possible for a Chihuahua white to have black toenails and black noses, or have toenails and noses that are a slightly lighter color such as pink or beige.

Chihuahua White

According to the American Kennel Club, it is possible to have a Chihuahua be any color, whether it is splashed, marked, or solid. The main colors you will come across are blue, white, fawn, and the brown Chihuahua and chocolate Chihuahua.

Solid is clear enough (just one, single color) and splashed means that you have a white Chihuahua with patches of colors. A marked Chihuahua means that the Chihuahua has a solid color (chocolate, fawn, or black) with patterns or markings on its body or face.

Within every main color group, it is possible to have a combination of patterns, markings, and colors. This is where you see the brindle Chihuahua, the masked Chihuahua, and sable Chihuahua. With all the different combinations that you can have, no two Chihuahuas are ever going to be the same. It is one of the things most people love about the breed.

It does not matter if you have a brown Chihuahua, brindle Chihuahua, chocolate Chihuahua, or white Chihuahua; you are getting a great companion dog. Chihuahuas love affection, are adventurous, proud, extremely lively, and courageous. They are also very agile, cheerful, and brave. Without proper human leadership, they can be very strong-willed. They quickly become attached to their owner and they are known to be extremely loyal.

One of the reasons to establish dominance over your Chihuahua white is that they can snap at children if they consider themselves the pack leader of the house. When a stranger comes around, the Chihuahua likes to be as close to its owner as possible, following every move their owner makes.

Though very protective, with solid training the dog will simply wait for the owner to introduce the stranger to them.

Many owners tend to treat small dogs different from large dogs, thinking that ‘dominant behavior’ is cute instead of what it really is. This is one of the reasons that small breeds such as the Chihuahua become protective, yappy, and snappish around people they do not know – they consider themselves the pack leader.

It is important to establish your dominance over the dog. Owners that establish dominance just as they would with a larger dog find that they get a more appealing, different temperament out of the dog.

One of the lesser-known Chihuahua facts is that they still need to be walked. Most owners assume that their small white Chihuahua will get plenty of exercise throughout the day simply by playing. This is one of the reasons people walk small dogs less.

Even though it may be natural to carry these graceful little creatures around, they are still active little animals who demand their daily walk. If the owner does not take them on their daily walks, the chances of a wide array of behavior problems begin to increase. Whether you prefer longhaired Chihuahuas or the shorthaired variety, when you take good care of them and provide proper guidance, you will find a tremendously loving dog who will quicklybecome a member of the family.

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