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Signs Of Pet Allergies

Even though your dog licking and chewing their feet may seem cute, it may be one of the signs of pet allergies.

In fact, many allergies in our furry friends go unchecked because their symptoms are so different from ours. Fortunately, the treatment for dog allergies has come quite a way. In order to know how to identify any potential problem, you first have to know a little more about it.

Even though we do not often recognize them as such, many allergies can affect our dogs. That is why it is important to be on the lookout for signs of pet allergies. There are three main allergies your dog can experience: a food allergy, atopy, and contact allergies.

Dogs And Food

Though we obviously only feed them because we care about them, the food you are giving your dog may actually be triggering allergies! Some of the common dog food allergies include soy, corn, eggs, wheat, and chicken.

However, there are also dogs that have an allergic reaction to whey, pork, lamb, fish, and beef. With a list like that, it may appear challenging to find out what exactly is causing the problem.

Some of the common symptoms of dog food allergies include an itchy rear end, the dog licking their feet, chronic gas, chronic diarrhea, gastrointestinal problems, and chronic ear inflammation. If you notice any of these symptoms of dog food allergies in your dog, it may be a good idea to switch to a grain-free duck and potato blend for a little while.

If you find that this food lowers the signs of common dog food allergies in your dog, you can gradually start to reintroduce common allergens one by one. That way you will know what food your dog has an allergic reaction to.

This is by far the most common form of allergy that we see in dogs (and cats as well). Oftentimes this is a seasonal problem, so you might only notice the signs of pet allergies for a relatively small period throughout the year. Some of the more common signs include:

  • Respiratory problems and asthma-like wheezing
  • Recurrent hot spots
  • Recurrent ear infections or inflamed ears
  • Rubbing of the face
  • Constant licking of the groin and side area
  • Chewing at the feet

Contact dermatitis is certainly less common than atopy. It means things that your dog comes into contact with. This includes allergies to plastic, cleaners, or carpets. Some of the more common signs of pet allergies are:

  • Hair loss (in chronic conditions)
  • Intense scratching
  • Red blisters or itchy bumps on areas of the skin exposed to the allergen (think muzzle, feet, or belly) or sparsely haired areas

What About Dog Allergy Shots?

Many people wonder about the use of dog allergy shots when it comes to a treatment for dog allergies. The truth is that giving a dog allergy shots is not common. The main reason is that the entire process of determining what a dog is allergic to takes a long time (at least one whole year). Before that, it is impossible to determine whether the dog is reacting positively to the shots or not. Another problem that many owners have to deal with is that the entire treatment can be quite expensive.

As an owner it may be difficult or seemingly impossible to determine what your dog is coming into contact with on an occasional or constant basis. It can be miserable as an owner to see your pet struggle with the misery of allergy symptoms. It is important to contact a veterinarian if you believe that your dog may have allergies.

Depending on the symptoms and severity, the veterinarian may decide upon different treatment options. While a food allergy may be easy enough to establish, it may be much more difficult to determine the other two problems.

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