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Raw Dog Food Diet

Feeding your Chihuahua a raw dog food diet may seem strange at first, until you remember that dogs are used to eating raw foods.

Before they became companions for us humans, no one was cooking their food or cutting it into helpful pieces. Despite this, there are many people who will say that today there is no place for a raw food dog diet, since dogs have been fed by humans for a long time.

While it is true that dogs have been domesticated for decades, it has only been in the last eighty or so years that we have fed our dogs processed foods. As you might imagine, this has not really been enough time for our dogs to adapt to this radical dietary change, and as a result, feeding your dog raw food diet could be a much smarter option.

Why make the switch to a raw dog food diet?
Perhaps we should not be asking ourselves why dogs would benefit from a dog raw food diet, but rather what is wrong or lacking with the current diet they are getting. If you look at most commercial dog foods, you will find that they have the following things in common:

  • The food is cooked – When you cook food, heating the food to this degree changes it at a molecular level. This means that most of the nutritional value is lost.
  • There is a lot of grain in the food – The commercial dog foods tend to be high in grain, in fact, they are often composed of more than 50%. Dog’s digestive systems are not used to dealing with grain.
  • They contain cereal – Most of the known allergies that dogs suffer from are as a direct result of cereals.
  • They have preservatives in them – Preservatives have been known to lead to health problems.
  • You do not have quality control – Face it, regardless of the pretty picture they slap on the box, you have no idea where the meat that is used to make the food for your pet came from. Think of the amount of pet food recalls in recent years.

Switching to a raw food dog diet means that you are eliminating these problems.

Some benefits of switching to a raw dog diet

There are many benefits that you will see develop over time when making this dietary switch for your dog. These are just a handful of the ones that are most beneficial:

  • Decreases the dog's body odor.
  • Chewing raw bones naturally cleans a dog's teeth. This means that you not only keep your dog's teeth healthier, but also means you do not have to purchase additional "doggy toothbrush snacks."
  • Eating a raw dog diet means the dog produces less stools which will be firmer.
  • Drastically reduces allergies.
  • Makes improvements to the dog's coat.
  • A dog raw diet leads to better muscle development; chewing harder foods mean stronger shoulder, jaw, and neck muscles for your dog.
  • You provide a natural source of minerals and calcium.

You can make the change
A raw dog food diet is not only better for your Chihuahua, but also provides financial benefits for you. We felt it would be best to provide you with two examples of items that would easily fit into any homemade dog diets.

  • Good morning pooch – This is just a quick example of a morning meal that would easily fit into any raw dog food diet. You can add around a pound of chicken backs (2-3) or chicken wings (4-6) with some pork hocks and beef ribs. These make for an ideal meal. Whereas legs and thighs do not provide the correct ratio of meat to bones, wings and backs do. The smaller your dog is, the less you add.
  • Doggie dining at night – Add three tablespoons of veggie puree, half an apple with the seed removed, 10 chicken hearts, and 6 chicken wings. Add some probiotics and half an avocado and you have a great meal that is going to be sure to please your pooch.

When you create your own food with homemade dog diets, you know exactly what your dog is getting. If you worry about the food your dog eats, this is a great way to ensure that they only receive the quality ingredients you pick out yourself.

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