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My Own Virtual Pet Chihuahua

My own virtual pet Chihuahua is a page where you can purchase Chihuahua video games.

Who would have thought that this little canine could have generated so much interest that would lead to movies, songs and even video games made about them!

At All About Chihuahuas we have teamed up with Amazon to offer you the opportunity to adopt a virtual pet, or even create a virtual pet through a host of virtual dog games.

These would make fantastic Chihuahua gifts for anyone of any age who has a passion for these dogs.

Do you want to dress your Chihuahua up in fashionable outfits, groom it till it's the cutest dog on the block, or train it to compete in national competitions?

Have you never owned a Chihuahua and are unsure of how to do this, or would you like to show a friend or member of the family just how rewarding having and training a Chihuahua can be?

Then join the virtual pet world and try your hand at one of these games before moving on to the real thing, or offer one of these games as a Chihuahua gift, through My Own Virtual Pet Chihuahua!

My Own Virtual Pet Chihuahua Games



Pick this pocket-sized portable pooch, and take him with you on the go. With this Vmigo Chihuahua virtual pet, you can play games on the run, or bring your pet to life on the big screen when you hook him up to the Vmigo console (sold separately) and your home TV. You can personalize your pet, teach him tricks or even hook up to other Vmigo pets via infrared technology. Includes one interactive Chihuahua handheld; each additional pet sold separately. Requires 3 "AA" batteries (included). Measures 1.25"L x 7"W x 9"H.







Fashion Dogz lets you choose an adorable puppy, dress him up and win competitions! Choose your favorite puppy from all kinds of breeds, dress him in all kinds of fashionable outfits and accessories, and win 9 different competitions. Choose from Chihuahuas, Miniature Poodles, Yorkies, and more. Customize your doggie's wardrobe any way you like, from sweaters to collars, from hats to doggles. Win money by playing fun mini-games, then spend the money on adorable, fashionable outfits and accessories for your puppy.







Nintendogs (Chihuahua) DS Put a puppy inside your Nintendo DS! In this game choose from Chihuahua German Shepherd Boxer Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Yorkshire Terrier or Shetland Sheepdog. Players care for and train their puppy by petting it walking it and buying it supplies to play with. As a puppy competes in obedience and agility trials owners can win money to purchase other puppy breeds. Players can socialize their pups by walking them around the town where they will meet neighborhood dogs and maybe even find new toys.




My Own Virtual Pet Chihuahua Games




These precious little PUPPIES really need your help! Just like a good mother dog teach them the lessons they need to learn with 6 training programs 8 great exercises and 8 fun puppy games!Which puppy is your favorite? Choose YOUR favorite puppy from the litter and play 22 different fun adventure puzzle and action games with your very own puppy!Play with them Train them Pet them Feed them LOVE them!Choose your favorite Puppy from the litter! They are all so cute: a tiny Chihuahua a spotty Dalmatian a sweet Dachshund or a mellow yellow Labrador why not choose them all?







Train your puppies in fun activities - Including skateboarding, obstacle courses, and catching a Frisbee or ball. Watch your dogs reach their full potential - Each activity has different levels for your puppy to reach; master the easy level to unlock more difficult stadium courses. Discover your puppies' funny and unexpected behaviors - If your Chihuahua doesn't have a good balance, he/she will keep falling from the skateboard so you have to help them improve.








Spend many happy hours pampering, grooming, and playing fetch with your new canine pal. Play with your dog, take him for walks, and run through the park to perfect his agility and obedience. He needs your love and patience to grow into a trained pedigree dog that can compete in national competitions. Do you and your dog have what it takes to be named Best in Show? Choose from American's favorite dogs including Labradors, German Shepherds, Boxers, Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, and Beagles to bring home today. Give your new friends a name and get ready to play!



We trust that you have found a virtual pet to play with, or a good Chihuahua gift for anyone at the My Own Virtual Pet Chihuahua page.


Click here to leave the My Own Virtual Pet Chihuahua page and return to the All About Chihuahuas Homepage.


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