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Short & long haired Chihuahuas

Short and long haired Chihuahuas (the smooth and long coated Chihuahua) are the only two types of Chihuahua recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Although they differ in appearance, they are not different Chihuahua breeds. Despite appearance being their only difference, a decision was made in 1952 to separate them and judge them in different categories at dog shows.

The term Smooth coat means that it is a short haired dog, and not necessarily that the hair is smooth. The coat is short and shiny, but may be soft and smooth, or wavy and whiskery to the touch.

The Smooth coated Chihuahua does not require much grooming, and will shed more than the Long coat, though being small, they won’t shed all that much.

Long haired Chihuahua Coat

Longhaired Chihuahuas are smoother to the touch than short haired Chihuahuas. The coat can be straight or slightly curly, and they have a downy undercoat which gives them their fluffy appearance.

It may take 2 or more years for a long haired coat to develop completely.

short and long haired chihuahuas

The longhaired Chihuahua typically sheds less than the short haired one and requires minimal grooming. The coat will require brushing and combing at least once a week or it may get matted, and they take longer to bathe and dry.

Trimming will occasionally need to be carried out near the hindquarters, or dirt may cling to excess hair.

Both types of Chihuahua are as commonly available as each other, and they can possess a coat of any color or combination of colors, including, but not limited to, black & tan, blue, sable, sand, fawn, chestnut, black and white.

Although blue is considered rare, no color or pattern is considered more valuable than the others. The classic Chihuahua color remains Fawn.


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