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Flea Bites On Humans

When you have a pet such as a Chihuahua in your home, fleas and flea bites on humans may be a problem that seems to appear out of nowhere.

Even though fleas do not typically enjoy living on humans, (our pets such as dogs and cats have fur that allows fleas better protection and warmth) if you are around infested animals, flea bites on people will happen.

Because the bites can result in inflammation and severe itching, flea bites on humans become pretty obvious right away. (The itching and most of the flea bite symptoms are due to the anticoagulant in the saliva of the flea.) There are a number of serious diseases that can be spread due to flea bites, so it is important to take steps towards treating these and ridding your home of fleas as soon as possible.

Most people who are bit by fleas suffer minor flea bite reactions. The most common symptom that people experience after being bitten by a flea is a red bump that can continue to itch for days. More severe reactions to flea bites on humans include hives, severe itching, a halo of red around the bite, and a rash.

Because our pets are much shorter than we are, most flea bites are typically around the waist, ankles, or lower leg area. If you see that your animal is constantly scratching more than usual, it may be a good indicator that it has a problem with fleas.

Why You Should Be Treating Flea Bites

Some people assume that treatment is not necessary for a flea bite. This is not true. The reason that we advocate flea bite treatment is that while they are probably no more than irritating and itchy, they can lead to much bigger problems when you scratch them.

Because fleas are always feeding off of several hosts, they might transmit diseases. Flea bites on humans have led to tapeworm larvae, murine typhus, and even the bubonic plague. While those diseases are not necessarily a concern in the United States, the moment that you see any flea bite symptoms that might indicate infection, you need to seek prompt medical attention and may even need a course of antibiotics.

Steps to take after being bit:

  • Take something to reduce the urge to scratch the itch (oral antihistamine works best).
  • Use antiseptic soap or lotion to wash the bites. If you use warm water, you may find that the urge to scratch increases. Use cold water instead.
  • Clean the bites with a cotton swab with tea tree oil.
  • In order to reduce the itching, use a hydrocortisone cream.
  • Apply calamine lotion. This not only helps with the itch, but also covers the bites.
  • Use some ice on the bite to reduce itching or swelling.

Even if you never have the dangerous flea bite reactions we have already mentioned, you should still keep fleas as far away as possible. Once you notice flea bites on people or pets, the only way to get rid of fleas is to eradicate them from your home and your pets altogether. In most developed countries, the household pets are the primary carriers of fleas.

These are some steps to avoid further problems with flea bites on humans:

  • Wash your pet bedding frequently (in hot water).
  • Use prescription or over-the-counter medication to prevent flea infestation.
  • Treat any potential source of fleas in the home (furniture and carpets) to prevent fleas from laying eggs.
  • You can create a barrier against fleas using insecticide on the exterior walls of the home (make sure to keep your pet away from it).
  • You may need a home fogger if you have a severe indoor infestation of fleas.
  • If these steps turn out to be less than productive, you may need professional treatment by an exterminator.


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