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Dog Microchip

Almost every dog lover in the world has some kind of story of a lost pet, which is why a dog microchip is an important topic to keep in mind. A pet microchip is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment that you can use to protect your family pet and when you microchip a dog, you discover how much protection this provides.

A pet microchip is designed to allow veterinarians to quickly and easily determine the true identity of any microchip dog. Around the holidays, many loving pets are stolen and given, or sold to others as gifts.

An AVID (American Veterinary Microchip Device) dog microchip will ensure that if your best friend is lost or stolen, the moment he or she is brought to a veterinarian, the pet microchip will signal that you are the actual last registered owner of the dog and this will prompt an investigation before the dog is released back to the person who brought it in.

Is A Pet Microchip Safe?

When it comes to technology, an AVID microchip is one of the most sophisticated in the world. The pet microchip, which is very small, is inserted just under the dog’s skin, generally along the back of the neck.

When you microchip your Chihuahua, the process is completely safe and the chip is passive, which means that it will not harm your pet. Many people incorrectly assume that a pet microchip emits harmful radiation, but being passive means that the detection equipment that the veterinarian would use is the active aspect. This means that the detection device reads the pet microchip through a scanning process.

From there, the information is pulled up through a computer network and will give the professionals all the information they need about who the dog belongs to. So if your Chihuahua runs off, gets lost, or is stolen whilst having an Avid dog microchip in place, sooner or later your phone will ring and you’ll taste the relief that comes with getting your best friend home, safe and sound.

Getting back to the initial idea for a pet microchip is that anything can happen in today’s world. Even when your loving companion is secured on your property, either with a run or in a fenced-in yard, you can’t plan for the unexpected.

Why Do You Need A Pet Microchip?

When you microchip a dog, you are ensuring that no matter what happens, eventually he will end up either at a pound, shelter, or at the veterinarians. When that happens, as long as the information you provide when you sign up with the AVID microchip is current and updated, you will be notified that your pet has been found safe and sound.

Even when you believe that nothing bad will ever happen to your dog, it’s better to know that your best friend is protected and will be able to find his way home, thanks to the dog microchip you bought for him.

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