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The Deer Chihuahua

The applehead and deer Chihuahua are not, strictly speaking, different types of Chihuahuas, different Chihuahua breeds or different Chihuahua mixes.

Despite being the original Chi, deer head Chihuahuas are not the “standard” Chihuahua recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Deerhead Chihuahua description

A Chi is considered a deer head Chihuahua (it is sometimes also known as a reindeer Chihuahua), if does not have the characteristic apple shaped head.

The deer head Chihuahua will tend to have a sloped forehead, longer nose, a more pointed muzzle and jaw line, ears which reach out, and the shape of its head will generally resemble that of a young deer.

The deer head Chihuahua will also suffer from less health issues than the applehead.

This is more than likely because the applehead has been specifically bred with the intention of keeping it pure, where as the deer head has not.

Deerhead Chihuahua Breed Information

Applehead Chihuahuas are the only Chis that meet the breed standard of the American Kennel Club, meaning that only they can be displayed at dog shows sponsored by them. This may seem somewhat unfair, since in the past most Chihuahuas would have been considered to have been deer heads; the applehead has been specifically bred that way.

Both types of Chi can be smooth or long coated, and can possess a coat of any color or combination of colors including blue. They just as cute as each other and their temperament is the same.

If you intend to show your dog, it may be advisable to spend a little more in purchasing an applehead. If you have no intention of showing your dog however, there is not much difference other than your personal preference.


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