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Basic Dog Obedience Training

Despite how well your dog may interact with other dogs, or with other people, basic dog obedience training is still a vital component of a dog’s upbringing.

Dog obedience and training is an important step in being a responsible dog owner. With the following dog obedience training tips, you will find that it is much easier to keep both yourself and your dog safe.

First, start by realizing that it can take a lot of work to complete basic dog obedience training. It is important to realize that just about any dog can recognize the necessary and basic commands.

It is normal to run into roadblocks when training your dog, but do not become frustrated. If you find that regular training does not work, try electronic dog collar training. If you find that that type of training does not have the desired result, switch to dog clicker training. Whatever you do, remember that it takes time.

Start Easy And Be Consistent

Even though the ‘fancy’ tricks such as “roll over” may look great, it is important to understand the basics first. After all, this can take plenty of time and patience to begin with. Part of owning a dog includes socializing your dog and training it the right way.

The most important thing an owner can do when it comes to training their dog is to remain consistent. After all, you are trying to make your dog go through a particular sequence or have a response to something that you tell them to do. Keep your body signals consistent and make sure that the dog knows what it is doing.

If you are going to want to train your dog, whether you start with electronic dog collar training, dog clicker training, or traditional training, you will need to bring an abundance of treats and be ready to dish out lavish praise.

If your dog manages to do something that he or she was not able to do before, do not simply continue going and finish a routine. Break off the training and reward the dog for their performance. Treats should be saved for a job well done.

It is very understandable that when you are making progress towards dog obedience and training, you want to continue. However, it is best to keep the training sessions short.

Remember that your dog has a relatively short short-term memory, so one of the best dog obedience training tips we have is to keep the training sort, and always end a basic dog obedience training session on a high note.

Even if you have to do something as simple having your dog sit because the more complex instructions are not working, that is what you have to do, always end a training session positively.

Many owners assume that once they have completed basic dog obedience training there is no need to carry on with training anymore. However, as the owner it is important to recognize that a dog will never stop learning. You should reinforce good behavior and training throughout the life of your pet.

Even though it may not be easy for us to admit, the majority of the mistakes that happen when owners train their pets are human mistakes, not dog mistakes. If you do make a mistake, do not beat yourself up over it.

Remember that the dog will not realize that you are mad at yourself, and will assume you are mad at the dog instead. Even though it may feel natural to be frustrated, negativity is never going to help you. No matter how frustrated you are, being angry or irritated is always going to have an adverse effect as to what you are looking for.

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