by Alison

I recently lost my 14 year old Chihuahua. Tico was the biggest little dog I have ever known. She was also such a diva. If I ever caught her doing something that was a No No and made the mistake of fussing at her she would look at me and then very deliberately turn her back to me and would not look at me no matter what I did. Oh and how mad she would get if I laughed at her. When I first got her I had been very ill and my husband and Mother had a friend bring three 8 week old chihuahuas to our home so I could choose one. There were two males and one female and my husband was instantly attracted to a very active squirmy little male. He handed me that puppy first, the puppy was adorable, but then my Mom handed me the little black and white female. She immediately settled into the crook of my arm. I told my husband she was the one, I just knew it, but he said well at least hold the other male before you decide for sure. I started to hand the little female to him in order to hold the other puppy. When he was reaching to take her, she turned around and looked me right in my eyes, and I couldn't let her go. I was in love, and so was she. She was a joy that I experienced on a daily basis. She was so tiny. I said to my husband she is like a little fairy, like Tinkerbell. He looked at me and said surely you wouldn't name her that, that would be as bad as calling her Taco Bell, so I said how about Ticobelle? So she became Ticobelle, or Tico for short. I miss her with every breath I take.

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