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Pug Chihuahua Mix

The Chug

A Pug Chihuahua mix, also known as a Chug or a Pughuahua, is a mix of a Pug and a Chihuahua. Like many other types of Chihuahua mix, it is considered a designer hybrid dog.  Many characteristics from the Chihuahua mix vary, meaning that some have more physical traits from the Chihuahua breeds, while others share the physical traits from the Pug's side.

The Pug Chihuahua breed is well-known for being a very loving, loyal animal. Most Chihuahua mixes are recognized for being trustworthy, faithful dogs and this mix is no different. The Pug Chihuahua mix is not only intelligent, but also easy to train.

It is important to remember that these dogs are relatively small in stature. This means that the Chug puppy can easily be intimidated, scared, or even hurt by younger, playful children who do not understand the difference between playing and too rough of play.

A Chihuahua mix between a Pug and a Chihuahua can have many different appearances in size, weight, shape, and color. These Chihuahua mixes can weigh anywhere from 12 to 20 pounds. This means that they should not be outside for too long in cold weather due to their small size. These mixes tend to have long muzzles and curly tails. The color of a Chug can vary from brown, black, grey, tan, or a mixture of these colors.

The Health Of A Pug Chihuahua Mix

A Chug’s coat should be groomed on a daily basis. Otherwise they tend to shed on furniture and clothing. Their teeth should be cleaned and nails need to be clipped on a regular basis by a professional to avoid any problems in the future. The most common disease for these dogs is periodontal. This means this mix is prone to dental disease. This makes it very important to have a Chihuahua Pug's teeth professionally cleaned periodically.

Unfortunately, the Chihuahua puppy is known to suffer from something called “Kennel Cough.” Kennel Cough is an infection that develops when the puppies are young. It sounds like your dog is hacking a hoarse, unhealthy sounding cough. In most cases, this cough can cure itself over time. However, if you are ever unsure about the breathing ability of your dog, you can gently rub your puppy’s throat while covering the nose, forcing the dog to breathe through his or her mouth. If you are still unsure, take your dog to the nearest veterinarian to have the cough checked out by a professional.

Since the mix tends to be a small dog that does not normally grow over 20 pounds, they do not tend to eat much. When they do eat, it is in many small meals throughout the day. Chihuahuas eat petite portions of regular puppy dog food, your pet may prefer soft food over hard. It is just a matter of finding out what is preferred by your particular Chug.

Overall, Chihuahua Pugs make loving pets to own. They are loyal, fun, adorable companions that have a great personality.

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