Not Determined Yet

by Victoria
(Cape Fair, MO USA)

Help Us Choose A Name

Help Us Choose A Name

We just adopted a Wire-Haired Chihuahua or a Chihuahua-Terrier mix from our local shelter. The shelter named it Tinsel, a very cute name and one I see in your list above. Then my guy came up with Crystal. I think she looks like a Dirty Snowflake, but that's not a very good name. I've also thought of Butterfly or Fairy. She looks like she'd be the dog to the Faeries. I like some of the names I've seen here like Daisy, Violet, Kisses, Sparkle, but I'm not sure if they suit her. We also brought home a new kitten named Aquamarine which is my better half's birthstone. So I thought Topaz for our new Chihuahua since that's my birthstone and on the list above. Just don't know yet. We would love suggestions. Time will tell.

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