by David Sapeg
(Alma Rosa,Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

Hola mundo! Soy Nano!

Hola mundo! Soy Nano!

Hola mundo! Soy Nano! I'm so tired

I bought a Nano on 03-March-11, it was nearly two months since birth (11-JAN-11). It was a very shy Chihuahua puppy and was the smallest in size of his brothers. It was also the only litter with a different color than the other (light caramel color).
I picked him because he was the first to lick my hand as I approached. Since then, Nano has stolen the hearts of everyone here at home. He is quite protective, but does not like to be held, and always tries to maintain contact with the rest of the family.

I chose the name because it seemed funny to relate its size with the prefix of the international system of measures, also because in some way, it related to my interest in Apple products.

An interesting anecdote is that I once came home from work and I had bought him dog food which I showed and opened before him. I filled his plate, I invited him to eat, I celebrated the action. Since that time, every time I return from work the first thing he does is invite me to follow him, I follow and he takes his plate and starts eating, showing that he really liked what I bought.

Nano is now 1 year and 3 months.

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