by jennifer hernandez
(tucker GA 30084)

Well where to start when i was 5 i wanted a dog but i couldnt cause we need to pay alot of money for it, its like another family member in your house.

But like since then i wanted a dog.

When i turned 11 i got good news that my moms friends Chihuahua was pregnant. Well at the end she had her babies but only 2! A boy and a girl.

My moms close friend Anashe , well best friend they work together, wanted a dog too!!!

Soo we had made our minds up and said i will take the boy and ana will take the girl....lol

Cool for a girl like me. Well a couple days later we made the payments for my dog, we had evrything READY, was so exicted!! All those years begging and begging at the end my dream came true.

Now when we had the dog whe cage trained it he did surive it but my dogs friend not so well.

hahaha she whines at night cause she wants to sleep in bed haha well i mean i learn THAT NEVER EVER LET A DOG SLEEP IN YOUR BED THE FIRST NIGHT YOU HAVE IT cause then they think that will be their place for the rest of the lives you know.

But yea many people ask why and what in the world is the name dum-do not dummm its dumbo lol its from the cartoon eleaphant with the big ears! Well becaues our dog has HUGE EARS!!! but HUGE i think he has more ears than boby lol but yea now evrytime we get his vaccinations meaning his shots, he would have a play date with his sister cause our friend ana would go with us and they would play.

I think my dog and her dog named scarretia will live a loooonnngg long long time

ALL ima say is


(now dumbo is 4 monts so is scarrtia they still see eacth other.....they will be together forevra!!)<3

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