baby chihuahua

we got are chihuahua from a neighbor hes only 2 months old. My children and i are still trying to find a diffrent name for him so for now his name is "Baby Chihuahua" we really just call him chihuahua i even think he got used to it we say it and hes there in a second. Hes very playful loves to sleep with my boys in there bed its cute but i also know he shouldnt he loves to curl up on there neck and sleep he loves to held and cuddled and sleep in our arms. Hes a really good puppy he dont poop on the beds he crys when he has to go then we will walk him outside to go but at night we do wake up to poop in the hall way. So we still are working on his potty training but hes so cute to be mad or upset about we love him so much

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baby chihuahua

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Oct 27, 2012
by: Anonymous


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