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Everything You Will Ever Need To Know About Chihuahuas

Welcome to All About Chihuahuas, the complete guide to everything you will need to know about these feisty little pooches.

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         Free Dog Training Books!                                   Applehead Chihuahua







            Signs Of Pet Allergies                                        Dog Food Allergies

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           Long Haired Chihuahuas                                    Chihuahua Mixes




Have you taken in a Chi for adoption, or are you thinking of buying one? Do you already own one? Does your Chi have a terrible temper or does it need training? In that case you have come to the right place and started off on the right paw!

Our aim is to have the most complete Chi website ever, with all kinds of articles to keep you informed about whatever it is you need to know about them.

Have you been baffled by the terms blue teacup, miniature teacup Chihuahua, applehead, deer, or even long haired Chi? Explore our site to learn what these terms mean and how to differentiate between the different type of Chi mixes! On our site you will also find ideas for good pet names for your dog. Allow your Chi to strut his stuff past the mutts around him by finding a name worthy of his personality in our good pet names, or our movie dog names page.

Want to feed your dog something different? How about looking up our page on home made dog food recipes?

Concerned about health issues? We will soon have articles about a wide range health problems, from the symptoms of dog food allergies to articles about pregnancy. Soon, you will also be able to post dog health questions and answers on our frequently asked questions page.



We will also be covering training a Chi puppy with basic obedience training articles.

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Where does their name come from? What is the proper spelling? Chahuahua? Chiwawa? Chiuaua? Regardless of how the name is spelt however, everyone will know exactly what dog you are referring to, such is the legendary status that this dog has acquired!

Discover all about the fascinating history of Chis from their status as sacred icons of the upper class during the days of the Aztecs, to their status as sacred icons of the upper class in today's popular culture generation.


Their recent rise in popularity has led to them having songs, movies and even video games made about them! Something that not many of our canine friends, or any other species in the animal kingdom can boast about.

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Keep an eye out for competitions which will be coming soon, where you will get the opportunity to tell us your story and submit your Chihuahua pictures. If showing your dog off to the world isn’t enough, you will also win a prize when you do so.

Explore our site and learn everything there is to know about these adorable little animals. If you have any exciting or informative stories about them or even photographs, please contact us and submit these, so we may share them with the rest of the Chihuahua loving community.

Alternatively, feel free to contact us with any comments or suggestions that you may have about the site. We look forward to hearing from you.






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